Technique & Skills Series

Every Thurs. for 4 wks.

$600.00 value on Special for $300.00: Knife Skills, Emulsion, Omelets & Egg Cookery and Braises and Stews $75.00 a Class!

We have a class scheduled for Jan 24th, Jan 31st, Feb 7th, & Feb 14th.

Techniques and Skills Cooking Classes

$150.00 French Cooking Courses

Individual Nine Workshops to be repeated till the end of the year.
5:30 pm - 9:00 pm = 3 1/2 hours
Thursdays evenings; Minimum of 8 people per class
Topics of study below are of fundamental techniques of French Classic Cuisine. We are teaching step-by-step culinary preparation techniques along with nutrition and palette-building lessons. These basic cooking theories and technique courses will introduce the student to the application and development of French cooking fundamental and techniques. A good grasp of the Culinary Basics will give you the confidence to apply these skills to any recipe or to create your own recipes.

Culinary Basics: Workshops are held Thursday from 5:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. and include tasting of the food students prepare. Class topics include white and brown stocks, roux, braises and stews, emulsion sauces, potato and egg cookery, working with pie and tart doughs, charcuterie and sausage making, and pâtés and terrines.

Whether you're more of a take-out expert or you're looking to perfect your Hollandaise sauce, Auberge de Seattle French cooking classes to chefs of all levels and abilities.  You'll find our hands on workshop classes a great way to cultivate your culinary skills in an easy-to-follow progressive format.  Once you've taken our classes you will have all the tools you need to become a top-notch home chef.  While you here, why not stay over in our Bed and Breakfast  Inn in Woodinville, Wa.
  1. Knife Skills. In this class students will become familiar professional knife grips for all the basic knife cuts and cutting techniques used in a professional kitchen.  They will develop familiarity with handling and caring for a knife, including the proper way to hold various knives.  They will also learn to efficiently trim and cut basic vegetables. Students will prepare a classic ratatouille using the skills learned in class.   
  2. White and Brown Stocks. There is perhaps no more important ingredient in French cuisine than the use of freshly made stocks.  In this class students will be familiarized with all of the classical stocks and their various applications, including white and brown stocks, fumets and court bouillons.  Mastering these classic stocks will give you the foundation for creating sauces with wonderful complexity and help you add flavor to your cooking. Students will prepare a classic French onion soup.
  3. Roux.  One of the most basic thickening agents used in French cuisine is a roux which is an often misunderstood element of classical cuisine.  In this course this fundamental ingredient will be demystified and explained in detail.  Students will learn how to create flavorful, creamy sauces and soups using this ingredient, including the preparation of New England Clam Chowder.
  1. Braises and Stews. Anyone can take an expensive piece of meat or fish and simply grill or saute it to make it taste good.  But what great chefs understand is that through classical cooking methods such as braising and stewing, overlooked cuts of meat can be transformed into dishes of exquisite tenderness and richness through careful, slow cooking.  Students will apply the knowledge they learn in this course to the preparation of a classic boeuf bourgignone.
  2. Emulsion Sauces. This course will focus on preparing emulsion sauces, warm and cold, such as mayonnaise, hollandaise, vinaigrette and beurre blanc, including derivatives for each.  After this course students will have the knowledge and confidence to prepare hundreds of different sauces for a wide variety of applications.  During class students will prepare a classic hollandaise sauce to be served with an entrée of poached salmon.
  3. Omelets and Egg Cookery. The mark of every trained professional chef is the preparation of an omelet.  This course will simplify this important and basic preparation, giving students the knowledge necessary to prepare sublime egg dishes in a matter of minutes.  In addition to omelet cookery, all of the other basic French methods of egg cookery will be covered, including poaching, hard and soft boiling, and scrambled eggs.  With:  Potato CookeryThis class will focus on that most humble, but all important of ingredients, the potato. Students will learn which classical preparations are appropriate for various types of potatoes, thus ensuring that whether it be the creamiest, smoothest mashed potatoes or the crispiest fried potatoes, they come out perfect every time. This course will include the preparation of a classic potato gratin. 
  4. Working with Pie and Tart Doughs. Students will learn all the fundamental knowledge required in order to create basic doughs that can be used for various applications such as pies, tarts and quiches.  Information presented will include how to prepare, store, handle and roll out basic doughs, and students will apply this knowledge to the preparation of a classic quiche during class.
  1. Charcuterie/Sausage-Making. Come and learn the lost art of making your own fresh sausages using only natural ingredients like meat and fat and spices.  Discover the technical knowledge necessary to not only recreate any traditional sausage from around the world, but how to create your own original styles of sausage by following a few basic principles.  In this class students will apply the knowledge they have learned to preparing a variety of fresh sausages as well as accompaniments to enjoy them with.
  2. Pates and Terrines. One of the hallmarks of French cuisine is the delicious and savory repertoire of pates, terrines, and other force meats.  In this class students will learn the science and technical knowledge required to prepare a variety of force meats such as pates, terrines, and rillettes.  This background will enable the student to produce any of these items at home, as well as to apply this knowledge to such American standards as meatloaf or meatballs. 
Our French Country Inn is located in the Woodinville Wine Country, just 15 miles from Seattle, Wa.